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Monday, April 28, 2014

What's In My Writing Mind

My first objective in writing is to tell a compelling story. My second, third, and forth objectives are to make readers laugh, think, and cry. And though all four are highly subjective, my goal in writing and in relentlessly editing is to accomplish all four.

Perhaps the reason why I’m such a demanding writer is because I’m an exacting reader. It may just be my ADD, but for every twenty books I start, I might finish one. Reading takes serious time and I (like most adults) no longer have the time to spend hours with a mediocre book. It must be a spellbinding story with an amazing voice. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the movie, reach for another book, or (to you I will confess) start playing Candy Crush or even pick up my remote. Tisk tisk!

So my goal is to deliver a riveting story with a captivating voice. And as much as I know my stories and voice are not for everyone, know that with each page I’m laying down my heart and my soul. I owe as much to you the reader and hopefully to myself.  

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