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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review of Earthbound by Elaine Calloway


I just finished Earthbound. I really really liked it! I didn't read anything about it before I started to read it. I only knew it was science fiction. It was a very unique story line. I haven't come across anything like it. I liked how Terren didn't go right for Kelly. He chose someone else first so that made it different. Usually girl meets guy they fall in love, but won't admit it and will go through stupid stuff to hurt each other, but this was so different. I liked how Kelly grew up in the book and didn't go running around... poor me. Between the Elementals and Fallen Angels it was a great story. 

I admit I got a little bored at some points, but I think it was because I was waiting so anxiously to see what happened and how everything would come to a head in the end. All in all a great story. I will definitely be buying the rest of the series. I want to know each of the Elementals stories. This was really a great read!!! Thanks for letting me read and review it for you. If I can do anything else let me know. I can post a review on Goodreads if you want. Just let me know. Thanks again for this opportunity! 

         Genice Cassidy





Some say history repeats itself, but for Terran, an Earth Elemental, history has returned and slapped him in the face. Along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, the Acobi Fallen Angels have decided to go underground–literally. They are resurrecting an old legend, shanghaiing innocent people into slavery. Underage girls are trapped and kept in holding cells, ready to be sold into the sex trade. Terran must stop the Acobi and keep the public away from the Shanghai tunnels, all while keeping his supernatural powers hidden.

Kelly Habersham, overachieving real estate developer, has finally convinced her father and brothers to give her the Portland condo project, which would require extensive construction near the tunnels. Determined to impress her father and make a name for herself in the family business, she is not about to let a Save-the-Earth guy get in her way.

Terran and Kelly must work together and come to a truce--or they may be the next shanghai victims.

Elaine Calloway

Crafting Stories of the Living, the Dead, and the Eerie In Between.

Elaine Calloway grew up in New Orleans with a love of cemeteries, gothic architecture, and all things paranormal. She is currently writing The Elemental Clan Series, a good vs. evil set of tales involving Elementals and Fallen Angels. For more information and to connect with Elaine online, visit her website at

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