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Monday, April 14, 2014

Interview with Jeff Hennelly - Writer of The Power!

The Interview

Tell us the story behind that cover!

I wanted a hand! I must have looked at a thousand pictures of hands, and the one I chose seemed the most eye-catching—plus it captured the mix between medical and metaphysical that I was searching for.  

What can we learn from your main character?

That when things go wrong we need to first look within ourselves for the power to overcome. That we all have a little of God, and the Devil within us, and though the two are often intermingled, it is ours to proffer which one.   

What has been your greatest compliment as an author, your worst criticism?

Best: when people tell me that they couldn’t put the book down, that they were late for work or stayed up in bed in order to finish THE POWER. Also those readers who actually “get” what the book is truly about. 
Worst: I had someone write a scathing criticism for including sex scenes and dirty words. And they were right, if you don’t want to see sex or dirty words in in your book, this book is not for you.  

What part of the story was the hardest to write, the beginning, the middle, the climax?

I literally rewrote the beginning over 50 times, maybe one hundred. Starting with the ER scene didn’t come until late in the process. But I wanted to start with a bang, and a statement.

Is your main character based on anyone in particular? Did you have a muse for this book?

Austin MacLean is based on a conglomeration of people. But all of them are people that I have admired. As for his flaws, most of those came from me.
Fast Round
Names of your pets: Buster (Cocker Spaniel)

Favorite ice cream, color, book, and television show

Ice cream: Chocolate Chip
Color: Green
Book: Sophie’s Choice
Television Show: The Office or Sopranos
Fame: First Eagles Quarterback to win the Superbowl
Grapes or Raisins: Grapes, naturally

The Power 


What would you do if you had the power to heal but it only brought you personal destruction and ruin? Would you still use it?

When a street shaman meets a horrific demise on Dr. Austin MacLean’s ER table, Austin soon discovers a raw and irrepressible power. But when this power inflicts traumatic effects on three chronically ill children, families rush to accuse him, his colleagues condemn him, and the police begin to investigate in this affluent New Jersey beach town....and so do others when the children begin to show inconceivable progress.
Dara Kleows, a local reporter, is the first to connect the children’s gradual healings back to Austin. The two develop a deep bond but Austin remains uncertain as to what this beautiful woman wants. Is she just after a story, or more? There are those who covet Austin’s “power” and at any cost, while Dara is more concerned by Austin’s headlong march toward his own perdition.  


When Austin looked up, he thought he saw a faint corona flicker around DJ. It started growing ever-brighter, and he tried to step back but was pulled closer by some indelible force—an atmospheric hollow drawing his humming body into the eye of an invisible storm. An ear-popping decompression was followed by an overpowering energy surge, his brain and muscle masses engorging with a metamorphic euphoria. Experiencing that spine-chilling “conduit” feeling, he swore as if he were about to be struck by some unseen force. And when DJ looked up, Austin sensed the imminent electrical surge was meant for the boy.

Author Bio

Jeff Hennelly now lives in Chester Springs, Philadelphia, PA. He’s been in the medical device business for over 20 years and has worked with hospitals, clinics, and alternate care facilities from Palo Alto to Prague. His articles and short stories have appeared in numerous trade magazines and journals. He is represented by Eric Myers of the Spielman Agency in New York. His novel, THE POWER was published on Amazon in June, 2013. Look for his new novel, THE 95 PERCENT in 2014.  



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