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Friday, October 18, 2013

Read and Recharge

This post will be my ode to KISS,  Keep It Simple Stupid.  Of course when I say stupid, I mean me.  I was in a bit of a dry spell. No fresh ideas, no willingness to peck away at anything, just a whole lotta nothing. So, I  decided to take some time and take a break. I had been busy with work, school, family and life so that was not helping my situation either. One afternoon, I came home took a relaxing shower, fixed a quick dinner and picked up a book. I have read here and there and completed some interesting tales, but I needed to recharge and this book did it. The title is Hell Whore and it is an anthology that is the brain child of Nathan Rowark. What intrigued me was that I realized that I had not really crossed some boundaries in my writing. After reading this book, I knew I had to stretch more. There have always been topics for me that I consider off limits. Some things, in my opinion, go too far. Then I realized that if I am going to write a great story, that I need to push myself, not to cross certain boundaries, but to open myself up to other creepy, exciting and even funny avenues. I laughed and was so grossed out that I surprised myself. The writers had no boundaries, which in some cases, shocked me to no end. However, I realized that I needed that shock and immediately started working on a new short story piece and have at least two more ideas brewing in my cauldron.

Taking the time out to read, laugh, be grossed out and reread the gross was just what I needed. I have often heard that writers must read and that is very true. We need to see the other worlds and how they are being portrayed to open ourselves up to new possibilities that are tucked away in our own minds. So the next time you hit a brick wall, pick up a book and not just any book. Pick up a book that takes you down the unknown road and see where that journey ends.

For those of you interested in the gross detail, here is the link for Hell Whore:

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