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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Networking is Vital

So, you have written a book and now the journey of getting people to read it begins. Well, if you are dreaming of the big contract and the six figure salary of the greats, get to networking.

The truth is there are a number of indie authors out there with great books just waiting to be discovered. The reason why you may or may not have heard of them is due to networking.

As an indie author the bulk of your advertising will fall on you. Even if you secure a contract with a publisher, there may be a clause in your document that states you will be responsible for 50%to 100% of the book's advertising. Is this this the company pulling a fast one. No, it's just a sign of the times. Writing the book is only half the battle, the remainder of the chore is getting your name out there and here are a few ideas:

Facebook:  Make you an author page outside of your regular Facebook page. Author pages can be used for advertising yourself and your work. Also Facebook provides a number of great groups that an author can use to gain attraction. Remember you want readers and support from your fellow authors so choose wisely. If your choice does not seem to work with you, then unjoin.

Twitter: Yes, build up those tweets. In fact join a group on Facebook that will retweet your links and build your audience. Of course you must retweet other author's work and that is the way it should be done. You can't take, take, take.

Google+: Another strong dimension for building up your audience is Google +. This site provides you with groups much like Facebook and you can attract a whole new audience.

Myspace: Same concept as Facebook

Chat Rooms: Take the time to chat with authors and readers. This helps in building your audience, getting your name out and learning the ropes.

Goodreads: This site is built up of authors and readers. This is a perfect site for posting your book, hosting giveaways and conversing about other author's work. This is very important in building your support.

With a host of new and upcoming social media sites, there is always an outlet to getting your name in the mainstream of the author's world. It won't happen overnight, but be persistent and keep going. You will attract good people and that is what you want on this journey.

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