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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab, But I Plotted This Story Instead...

After a vigorous plotting session, one of my writer friends posted this as her Facebook status: "Brainstorming with Tara is like going to rehab."

Like this one, only with more wine and shenanigans.
Naturally, I was pleased as punch. It's not often that one is compared to rehab, but I took it like the compliment it was. When it comes to brainstorming and/or the pesky business that is plotting, I generally have an easier time helping out someone else than in coming up with stuff for my own stories. It's hard, and I overthink.
And then this happens.
I am a co-dependent plotter. I need someone else to make the ideas flow and make sense. For a while, I felt bad about this. I felt almost unoriginal in a way. But, it's not the big picture that I need help with; it's the getting from point A to point B to make the big picture come into focus. This is where I second guess myself. This is where outside input can be a great resource. Especially when my brain stops working.
This is where the wine comes in. With more wine.
I have a small group of writers (and one or two avid readers and all-around smart people) with whom I can call on at any moment for that little bit of plot help when I'm in a bind. I know for a fact that I get too wrapped up in what I know should happen in the story to actually make it happen. It's like tripping over your own feet. I'm getting in my own way. And sometimes it takes the different perspective of an outsider to help you stay on track and keep the story moving in a positive direction. I love these moments. I love helping other writers talk out their story issues.
What I feel when I help out a friend. True story, yo.
If you have writer peeps or reader peeps who help you out, feel blessed. So many times in this business we make so many acquaintances and colleagues that true friends are few and far between. I'm lucky to have an ever-expanding circle of awesomeness. And if they want to compare my brain to a trip to rehab, then I can't complain.
Not bothered in the least.
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