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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Short post today as I'm busy writing new books, and I'll start with this; I'm obsessed with swag. Well, not as in collecting it, but creating it and trying to think of new stuff to make.
I heard about an author friend of mine who recently attended a book convention. She took bracelets with her that were actually USB drives!!! Amazing!! :)
On the USB drive, she had put a free book, an author message, and other cool stuff. Great idea, right?? I mean GENIUS idea, right??

So, I may or may not have been searching the internet, trying to gain inspiration for ways to create my own swag.
It seems to have become an integral part of the modern author age. Bookmarks of all shapes and sizes, keyrings, tote bags, miniature books, badges … you name it, it's being made.
So, yesterday, I found myself in the local town, checking books, swag that shops sell … but … I also let the imagination kick in as well.
Since then, I have bought some DIY tools(yeah, I really have), contacted a friend of mine who's a carpenter, searched eBay for materials, and trying to keep all the ideas in my head organised.

I have already made lots of swag over the years, and it has been sent out with books, or handed out in competitions or events. Now for the next step, what will my new ideas create??? :D

Jason Ellis 

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