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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Those Pesky Prounouns

She, Her, Him, He


Those Pesky Pronouns

Today, I am going to discuss she, her, him, he, or in other words those pesky pronouns. As a fledgling writer, I had no idea how those simple two to three letter words tanked my writing credibility. It was after a scathing editing venture from a good friend that I learned that the play on words when writing extended to pronoun usage.

Step One – Take ownership of your faux pas

Hi, my name is Lachelle Redd and I use excessive pronouns when writing. 

Step two – Rip it off like a Band-Aid. One sentence at a time, evaluate your pronoun usage. If this is too hard for you, have a friend review your work and see what they have to say. Here is an snippet from one of my stories.

She opened the door and he pushed his through as she tried to find words, but he found them for her.

Step three - Now that you have faced it, fix it

If there were such a thing as pronoun jail, I would be under it. In writing that sentence, I have committed a major pronoun felony and confused the reader. Here is a better take on that sentence:

Amanda opened the door as the demon forced his way inside. The confused woman tried to find the words, however David found them for her.

Step four – Celebrate your rehabilitation

Woo hoo- I have reduced the sentence two pronouns and intrigued the reader with more definition and feeling of what is happening.

So for the rest of you excessive pronoun offenders out there, there is hope. Find other ways to get your point across and excite your reader.

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