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Thursday, July 25, 2013

To Gore or Not to Gore

So today, I was talking about what is really needed when working on movies, remakes, etc. This train of thought came about after I watched the remake of Evil Dead. So it turns out a movie that I used to love back in the day was rewritten as a gore fest and the story was no longer appealing. Not to mention the original story was no where to be found. I got to thinking that as a writer, do we really need all the gore?

I remember the good ole days of movies and books. The graphic depiction of what a character went through was good for the page, but not so for the big screen. In fact, horror in the early years made one use their imagination. Now, fast forward to today and what I considered graphic back then is in no way equal to the blood fest unleashed in movies and books. 

We as writers have the gift of telling a story and delivering the same emotions on the page that can be seen on the big screen. We don't have to dwell in gore, but if it's called for then so be it. It is my opinion that unnecessary gore is the evil. Do you want the book to sell because you shocked so many or do you want it sell because you told a good storyline and wowed the crowd with your play on words? In the end, that's what we as writers do. We paint with words and tell a story that hopefully traps the reader in our world and makes them stop until we are done and turn them loose. Doesn't take a lot of blood and guts to do it, just some good ole fashioned imagination, strength, and lots of coffee. That's for you late night candle burners. Yes, I write horror, suspense, and sometimes there is a need for a gore or two. However, I hope that when you read my work, the character and the situation that brings the characters to their suspense moments make sense so that the gore fits well with the story. I am not out to shock you, just to tell you a story and keep you until I am done.

Until next time, happy reading from yours truly.

L. Redd

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  1. Yes! This is a great look at how to fit gore into the story. I don't mind gore, but when it is just tossed in there without meaning anything to the flow of events, that's annoying. Gore should never be annoying!