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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Build a Platform and DON"T FALL OFF!

Building a platform was a term I didn't fully understand when I jumped into writing as a career.  But if you stop and think about what a platform is... it makes sense.

A platform is a place to stand where you are visible, easy to find, and heard.  Some people start building platforms for themselves before they even start writing their first book.  Others, like me, jump in with publishing their books and then realize they need to swim or they will sink.

While I've never been overly fond of swimming, I am in a position where I need to swim or get out of the writing waters.  Given how passionate I am about writing, I had no choice but to dog-paddle my way around until I learned to build a platform.  I suppose that means that I've been building my platform while swimming.  That doesn't sound like the easiest thing to do -- it isn't -- but it can be done.

Something I've discovered about myself over the past eight and a half months, since my first book released, is that while I may not be great at "on the spot" work, I do work well under pressure.

My platform has started.  It may be a small, unsteady, floating craft reminiscent of Huck Finn's, but it is under me.  The trick I must perfect now is to not fall off!  There is a trick to balancing on such a craft.  I must keep balance and continue to grow and build.

Thankfully, I have discovered some wonderful people along the way that have helped to stabilize my raft and have tossed me a line now and then with some much needed resources and support.

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