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Friday, August 23, 2013

Jason Writes Some More

Wow! Over the last three weeks, I have been writing a new book. One of those ideas that jumps inside your head and you have to work on it straight away. If you haven't had one of these yet, trust me, you will.
I am now on 30,000 words, the cover is done, it's listed on Goodreads(you'll get the link in a minute) and my marketing strategy has begun. I said it at the start and I'll say it again … WOW!!
It is in a new genre for me; dystopian with a YA flavour as well. The main character is a sixteen year old girl.

I'm also running my marketing a little differently too. Facebook is not going to feature prominently with this book. Wait? Did I just type that? Let me check … Facebook is NOT going to feature prominently with this book. Yeah, I must have.
So, why not? Well, I'm crazy like that. But, I decided to do it that way. I still don't like Facebook as a marketing tool, believe it or not. It's crowded. It's the busy party or nightclub where you are on one side and your friend is right over the other side. You shout and shout to get their attention but they JUST DON'T HEAR YOU!!
I won't say exactly how I'll market, but if you hear about the book, I'm doing it right :)
Plus, I get to be sneaky. Ooh, I love the sneaky! ;)
Do you ever watch a commercial on the television, or see a link on the internet, perhaps a flyer handed out to you? You know the ones, they are very vague and make you WANT to know more.

Here's the link for Goodreads; If you could all add it to your TBR lists, and suggest it to your friends on there, that would be sooooo helpful.

I hate to blog and run, but I am on a roll with this and I must keep the creative streak flowing! I'll follow up on progress in the next blog … :)

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