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Saturday, June 1, 2013

How To: Tell People Off -- Politely

Since I get the first crack at this awesome new blog, I thought I'd start it with a bang.  

To tell people off (politely) you must use an amazing tool called tact.  Unfortunately people don’t use tact as often as they should.  This tool is almost an art form in my opinion.  Most people know that what you say and how you say can make a big difference in how it’s perceived.  Choosing certain words enables you to control the mood of the message also.

Writers that can involve their readers -- to the point where the reader feels certain emotions while reading specific passages -- know how it works. 

For example:

If someone tells you that your children can’t play with theirs because your kids have been playing outside all day and got dirty.  And since you are new to the area, she and her friends feel that you are not a stable enough family to associate with.


I think everyone reading this can tell that these are lame reasons and you are just being brushed off by someone that thinks they are better than you.

You could….

Ask her who she thinks she is… Miss High and Mighty? -- thinking she is better than you.  Then cuss her out with every foul name you can think of or maybe even invent some new ones…. And then storm off. (or maybe start swinging)

Instead of losing your temper, simply say that…

It is fine that she doesn’t want to associate with you and your family.  She is right -- you agree that, given her strong feelings on the matter, they wouldn’t be the best match for your children either.  After all, you encourage imagination and independent thought.  Also, if being new to the area means that you are not a stable family, you can tell that you and your family will be much better off finding a less close-minded family to befriend.  Thank her for opening your eyes to your mistaken attempt.  It would certainly be a waste of everyone’s time to prolong the inevitable.


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  1. Excellent start to the blog. Hmmm, tact. My mother taught me to use it and I do try to take it with me wherever I go. Try to, at least.

  2. It is one of those tools that tends to be difficult to use. :)