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Monday, June 24, 2013

Write What You See

Lachelle Redd

So in this post I examine what you write. Have you ever been tapping away at a scene or idea and just stop because you can’t find the right words? Well of course you have, you’re a writer. Well, I am no genius but I can share. Share some techniques that I have found help me to get through those scenes.

1. It’s all in your head now what?

You can clearly see what is going but the words escape you. Slow down and try to picture the scene frame by frame and then picture the events in the scene as even smaller sections of time.

For instance, if you are writing a slasher and the victim is suffering enormously your inner eye sees the entire scene. This can consist of the place, time, people involved, and anguish. Break it down into smaller chunks and write those first.
2.  I can’t find the words!

Blood flowed from the open wound as he lay dying on the floor. (Nahh)
What do you see?
  •             What color is blood?
                      (red-crimson, burgundy, black(at night)

  • Flow (gush, stream, trickle, erupt)
                       Open wound (gaping hole, slash, opened up)

  •            Lay dying
                       (death closing in, the reaper awaited)

3.  Say it out loud

Yeah, I talk to myself. Talk out the scene and make sure you have something to write down what you say or record. Talking through the scene can make it easier to write. Just make sure that everyone around you understands that you haven’t lost your mind.

Well, now’s your turn. Go for it and give it a try. Like I have said before I am not an expert, but I can share what seems to work.

Until next time, happy writing.


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