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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Twists and Turns Excite Me

By:  Lachelle Redd
Have you ever gone to a movie and got up to the last minute and were blown away by the ending? Several movies have provided some major twists over the last few years. The Crying Game started it with the well, you know. Halloween, an overdone sequel of epic proportions, still provides the necessary scream and uh oh on the big screen. Now, think about writing the twists and turns. How does the anxiety and excitement that you want the audience to feel translate on paper.

First my disclaimer, I can only pass along what has worked for me. Everyone doesn’t have the same ideas, so if there is something you can use, please do.

1.      Cut a path for the character and go against it

There are many times when I am working on a story and I have a clear idea of where it is going and suddenly I decide, “Ok time to have some fun.” Going against the grain and what you see the character doing and open up to the other paths the character can take is a good thing. Don’t be afraid if it sways the story a bit. As a writer, your creativity will take hold.

2.      Don’t be afraid if your ending changes

Okay so the hero didn’t get the girl and happiness didn’t prevail. So what. The original fairytales that we all know and love had very sad endings. Then someone came along and made them sweet and nice and Disney stepped in.  Why not write the ending that can truly take place? Why not say, the villain got the girl? You would be surprised at how many people are routing for the villain anyway.
3.      What if I lose the story

You are the writer, there is no such thing as you losing the story. Some of the best writers have not played it safe. Digging into place where you must dare and creating the story that grabs and holds the reader is your job. Do it with no fear and write on.

Write your story and find your twists. They can be hiding in the simplest places. Just where you thought it was safe to roam, take that other road and see where it leads.

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