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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jason Ellis Writes!

Hello :D
My name is Jason Ellis. I am an author from the UK. Some of you know me already, some of you will be meeting me for the first time … hi whichever you fall in to ;)

So, a blog post about writing … I could choose many topics, subjects, words of advice … but I think I'll just run through what I am doing at this exact moment. You can then see a day/ week/ month in the life of an author :)

            Believe it or not, but I have (counts on fingers) seven(7) … yeah, seven … seven!! stories/ books that are on the go at the moment. Wow! That sounds unworkable, even to myself as I type this, yet it isn't unheard of with me, or other authors out there.
I am choosing which to work on, sometimes on a daily basis, sometimes on a weekly basis. It's difficult to prioritize a story idea, you see. One day, story #1 may hit a wall and no matter how hard I try, the words won't flow, yet story #3 is shouting at me with 5,000 lovely words that want to come out!
As a lot of us set our own deadlines regarding publication, no one story can be classed as more important than another. This makes the decision even more difficult. Personally, I will always follow the words. There will ALWAYS be a chapter or two(three, four etc) in my head, somewhere, so I grab the relevant story and go for it.
            This brings me on to the point of daily word counts or goals, which I am not particularly fond of, if I'm honest. Yes, do achieve something every day, but don't beat yourself up or call that day a failure if it doesn't work out.
            You can discuss it with family, friends, your cat, your dog, the lady behind the counter at the cafĂ©, your kids … you get the idea … but if you set a goal, then fail to meet it, this loneliness will lead to negative thoughts of failure, or lack of self-discipline. You don't need those flying around in your head when you need all those 5,000 lovely words I just mentioned to be flying around in there instead ;)
If we add all the day-to-day stuff in too; remembering to eat, drink, shop, the school performance of Romeo & Juliet that you CAN'T miss, taking the cat to the vet, popping to your friend's house to help them with something … the list goes on. “But … but … I planned on 2,000 words today!!!”
Instead of thinking on a daily basis, choose weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly and see if it works better for you.
I had an 'idea' what would happen today in my work schedule … guess what? Yeah, it isn't happening as I thought it might, but there you have it.

            Apart from the seven(seven!!) stories, I am also making book-plates so that readers can have signed material from me. Particularly handy seeing as I talk to many US/ international readers, and am not involved in many signings etc. Then there is cover designs, illustrations, marketing on Twitbook and Facespace and Blogalog and GooglyBoogly … my head hurts haha ;)
            I suppose the point I am making is this; being an author/ writer is not just story - type - publish. It is everything in between that as well, and how you manage it all. You set the goals, nobody else, so set them to fit YOU!

Right, nice to meet you all here today :) My FB is; … come say hello!


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